What People Are Saying:


"...Another one of my favorite songs is "Tonight We Run Away". The Intro is badass and the vocals just literally wrap around you like a warm hug. Emotionally driven lyrics and catchy chorus. I love it!"

                -Marisol Richardson (Music Junkie Press)


"I've been watching and listening to False Puppet since their early development. They have progressed into one of the most high-energy bands I've ever seen play live. They're writing killer melodic rock songs and I see their future being very bright!"

                - Alastair Greene (Alan Parsons Project)



False Puppet was formed in Santa Barbara, California in 2009 when brothers Tyler and Brennan Benko teamed up with long-time friend, Channing Peake to start up what is now known as False Puppet. Fueled by a mutual affinity for hard rock, punk, and grunge bands of the 90s, the boys quickly discovered a shared passion for writing music and performing. After settling on a name and learning enough songs to play a full live set, False Puppet decided to actively pursue a career in music. During their early years, False Puppet performed at venues around their hometown of Santa Barbara, developing their sound and building up their repertoire of original material. In 2011, False Puppet self released their self-titled debut EP, featuring two of their original songs, "By Your Side" and "Move Your Body". Following their EP's release, False Puppet continued to perform around California, eventually earning a spot on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour.


In August of 2013, the band released their second EP, "Far Out", which features seven original songs. With a style that they describe as "high-energy rock with elements of punk and pop", False Puppet continues to make music and do what they love!